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Bookajet – Farnborough IT Support – Case Study

Bookajet – Farnborough IT Support – Case Study

In January 2014, Bookajet – a jet charter and operations company based in Farnborough, approached us to provide them with help and support for their business IT support requirements.

Previously, they had been working with an in-house IT technician, which for a company of their size (around 40 staff in the offices, and pilots/crew around the world) was not cost effective as his time was not fully utilised, and keeping him trained was an extra expense. They also suffered if the technician took holiday or sick days.

They moved on to work with a local Farnborough IT support firm, who their in-house technician had moved on to work for, but when he left their employment the relationship suffered. What they really needed was a mixture of an on-site technician to provide ‘boots on the ground’, plus the back-office support of a helpdesk & emergency cover service.

In February 2014, 1-Fix began working with Bookajet on a successful combination of a weekly engineering visit (half day per week), plus on-site call-out cover for emergencies, helpdesk/remote support for daily assistance and an out-of-hours helpline cover for when emergencies occurred during operational hours (evening flights, etc) but our offices were closed.

They have kindly provided us with the following case study:

How 1-Fix help keep Bookajet’s IT flying

Providing Farnborough IT Support for Bookajet

Farnborough Airport. Photo courtesy of Steve Parker(CC Attribution)


Bookajet is a private jet operator and charter company with around 50 staff and over 10 modern jet aircraft. Within the business they have 2 servers and around 35 PCs, and until recently had a full time employee looking after their IT needs.  In January, they made the decision to move away from having an in-house solution.  Compliance Manager, Paul Mansfield explains:

“Our needs vary from needing someone to install a new printer in the accounts department, to dealing with company-wide migrations from one system to another. Sometimes there is a lot of support needed, but it’s not constant. “

They started off with a combination of an IT consultant on call and a telephone support service. The support service was the first point of call, but if they couldn’t help (having gone through all the options), a new call would need to be made to the call-out service.

How 1-Fix Help – Providing Farnborough IT support

Given that the need for support is unpredictable and could happen at any time including weekends, Paul decided to enlist the help of 1-Fix Ltd.

“We have a need for regular maintenance, but we also have the occasional urgent callout. The bulk of our support is done either over the phone or by remote access to the PC that needs attention. However, if it can’t be resolved this way and we need an engineer on site, it’s a seamless process and we don’t need to start explaining the situation all over again to another person. It makes life much easier”

Delivering Results

Craig and the team have become familiar faces within the Bookajet offices, and operate as an extension of the team. They have recently made the transition from XP to Windows 7 which Craig has project-managed and overseen. Having a ‘one stop shop’ has made life easier for the Bookajet staff, and any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

In addition, the company is in the process of moving offices, and Craig has been pro-active in making sure this happens smoothly.

“Craig is on the case and has raised the issue of better connectivity. He has helped push us along as there is a 90 day lead time for leasing the new lines that we will need. We feel we’re in good hands.”


The flexible format works well, with a combination of telephone support, remote terminal access and on-site visits.

Bookajet can be visited at:

http://www.bookajet.com – or call 01252 399600

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