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Can we trust The Cloud? 4 key things you should know

Can we trust The Cloud? 4 key things you should know

Cloud storage has become big news, with serious questions about personal privacy and who can access what.

Entrusting holiday snaps, music and innocuous files to The Cloud is one thing, but storing sensitive business data takes it to a new level.

If you’ve been tempted to switch business storage to a Cloud provider but have held back due to concerns over privacy, here are four key factors that you should bear in mind.


You can’t pass the buck. If you’re storing sensitive data about clients you are responsible for that information’s protection. You can’t leave it to the cloud storage provider.

So before making your choice it’s up to you to perform due diligence. Find out what security is in place and who holds liability if there is a breach.


Not everyone sees everything. A main concern for businesses new to the cloud is that all employees who have access to the cloud storage base will be able to root around and find stuff that you don’t want them to see.

But providers build in levels of access which can be tightly defined.

If, for example, you want a temp to update some contact details, that’s all you give them access to.


Personal details should remain in-house. Anything with dates of birth, passport numbers, NHS numbers or driving licence details should not be kept on the cloud.


If you don’t know what the DPA (Data Protection Act) is, let alone what it says, then we strongly suggest you seek expert advice about the way you are storing personal and business data, regardless of whether you are using The Cloud or not.

1-fix provides detailed guidance on what you should and should not put in your cloud storage.

We also provide Cloud storage ourselves, so you are dealing directly with us. This means we can answer all questions you have in person before you adopt the service. You are not relying on reading an anonymous provider’s lengthy terms and conditions (although we do have terms and conditions, naturally).


If you want to make sure you’re taking all the security steps required for your business, let us help. We’re offering a Free Business Security Audit which includes a review of your cloud solutions to make sure they are secure as they need to be.  This is usually valued at £149 + VAT. One of our engineers will visit your premises and check that you’ve got the right kind of protection in place, plus discuss options for improving your security.

Terms: Must be within 20 miles radius of RG40 4QQ. Free audit is a max of 2 hours.

Call us on 0118 926 0084 or use this link to request a call-back!

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*DPA = Data Protection Act 1998


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