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Computer and I.T. security needs to be a multi-layer approach

Computer and I.T. security needs to be a multi-layer approach

Imagine going to bed at night, locking your front door, putting the chain in place and then shooting a bolt top and bottom, but then leaving the back door open (not just unlocked) as well as your downstairs windows – with all the lights on.

As a bonus you leave any potential intruder a printout of where in the house your valuables are stored as well as the pin numbers for your debit and credit cards.

That’s how inviting some PCs and laptops are for the cyber criminal.

Sad to say that is not an exaggeration.

Not too long ago you could have been confident that a decent anti-virus program would have kept you safe.

Not any more.

This is going to sound scary and expensive, so brace yourself.

Please be assured that we’re not being alarmist and you can also be confident that there are things you can do to prevent the worst happening.

Yes, you will need to invest in sound defence mechanisms, but they are worth it when you consider the potential damage.

We recommend a multi-pronged approach to security – and we are pleased to say that most people we speak to agree that this is an essential investment.

You will need:

  • Enterprise grade anti-virus on all machines – monitored centrally
  • Virus filtering on the internet connection to stop downloaded threats and botnets
  • Content filtering on the internet connection to reduce the probability of hitting dangerous sites
  • Spam, virus and content filtering on the e-mail system
  • Security restrictions or, at the very least, policies on the use of USB flash drives and personal computers on the corporate network

The cost of implementing these items is less than the cost to a business of a severe virus infection or – worse – a data security breach from a password-stealing Trojan or corporate espionage.

If you want to make sure you’re taking all the security steps required for your business, let us help. We’re offering a free security audit (valued at £149 + VAT) to help you keep safe. One of our engineers will visit your premises and check that you’ve got the right kind of protection in place, plus discuss options for improving your security.

Terms: Must be within 20 miles radius of RG40 4QQ. Free audit is a max of 2 hours.

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