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Is that a dodo on your desk?

Is that a dodo on your desk?

It’s nearly a year since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP and as of today, 31st March we will no longer be supporting Windows XP machines. But, if you’re still using it for home computing you are not only missing out on faster, crisper performance but you are open to serious security risks – so here’s our guidance.

Resistance to change is second nature to us – we like stability because we know where we stand, and when it comes to PCs or laptops if something’s not broken we see no reason to fix it.

But continued use of Windows XP is like protecting your house with a bolt on the front door – on the outside.

Microsoft Windows XP support ended in April 2014 and with it went your protection and performance – albeit in phases.

Microsoft stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP but continued to send anti-malware signature updates for a limited time.

We are now way past the comfort zone, though, so our recommendation is that you upgrade now.

We can make it easy for you. We will:

  • Assess your current PC for upgrade suitability. If it can run Windows 8 (and the subsequent free upgrade to Windows 10) we will make the necessary changes. 
  • But if your business or home PCs are creaking we will recommend replacement. The machine we provide – your choice of laptop or PC – will come with Windows 8 and if you would like us to include Microsoft Office we can have that installed and ready to go. 

Case study:

Mr Johnson from Reading was running Windows XP because he felt that his existing PC was still working reasonably well and he didn’t want to lose an evening or a weekend trying to get new software up and running on his 8-year-old PC.

This was a false economy, though. His machine slowed to a crawl and called us to find out if we could speed things up.

A simple test in our workshop revealed his machine had a number of issues, mainly malware and virus related, which had easier access to his machine due to it running Windows XP which has an old version of Internet Explorer that cannot be updated.

We recommended a new PC with Windows 8 and Mr Johnson happily accepted our advice.

For around £450 his family is now enjoying the benefits of a fast and secure machine, and we’ve transferred all of his data from his old computer and set-up his printers as well, so he was ready to get started straight away when the machine was installed.

What to do next …

If you’re still running Windows XP, and would like help to get your machine(s) bang up to date, then please either:


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