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Is your computer trying to tell you something?

Is your computer trying to tell you something?

Ever had a hard drive fail on you and as a result lost everything?

It’s not a pleasant experience, as anyone who has suffered the loss of important documents, treasured images, contact details and other such key files will tell you.

The problem is of course much worse when there is no back-up system in place.

We often have customers call with an SOS saying that their computer or laptop has failed ‘without warning’ but there are often hints that a failure is imminent. We just need to know what to listen or look out for.

Your car makes strange noises when it’s about to break down, for example, or the washing machine can resemble an industrial turbine just before its point of failure.

Same thing with your PC or laptop, and summer might be the time you notice it.

Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Gradual slowing down of performance
  • Odd clicking noises
  • Simply, a noisier computer

Hard drives are prone to failure in the Autumn because they have been in hot computers all summer.

We notice a large increase in hard disk failures from September onwards, so we hope that by drawing your attention to this phenomenon now we can help you prevent any costly and frustrating problem.

Heat is not the only enemy of your computer.

What will damage my computer?

• Physical impact

You probably know that dropping your computer is not a wise move, but here’s why. The read/write heads may come into contact with the disks, so magnetic surfaces which store your data will be damaged. This is what will happen if your computer is on, but even when it’s off, components will be compromised.
So handle carefully and in the case of a laptop place it down gently every time you move it.

• Moisture

You don’t drink near your computer, do you? Hmmm, thought so. We all do, don’t we, but fluid and computers just don’t go together. Electronic parts are vulnerable and water or any other liquid will interfered with the proper flow of electrical currents, causing damage

• Corrupted files

If you suffer a power cut or if you don’t close down programs correctly you risk creating corrupted files, and these will damage the hard drive.

• Power surge

If the power supply to your computer is suddenly interrupted – by a lightning strike or power cut, for example – the read/write heads could fail or in the worst instance the computer will crash. So use power supply protectors.

Let’s have a listen
If you’re at all worried about some of the noises your computer’s making or if you would like to find out more about our home-use protection plans speak to us now on 0118 926 0084 or just click here to send us an email!


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