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Our advice on Gameover Zeus

Our advice on Gameover Zeus

Following the warning from the FBI and Serious Crime Agency that we all need to ensure we’re not harboring the Gameover Zeus virus, we have the following advice for our clients and loyal blog followers:

  1. Start off by scanning your computer with a second opinion malware scanner. Hitman Pro is our tool of choice for this, and if you’ve not used it before then you can (as long as you’re not in a corporate environment) use it to scan you machine for 30 days without charge. Download from:
  2. Ensure your computer is immunised against Cryptolocker. It appears that if you do have an infection, and the virus can’t find any useful information like bank details on your computer, it will infect you with Cryptolocker to extort money from you.
    You can immunise your machine using HitmanPro.Alert, which is free for all users:
  3. Make sure you have up to date virus scanning on your machine. This is a given. If you don’t have anything, we recommend AVG Internet Security 2014. Download a trial here:
  4. Make sure you’re up to date with Windows Updates. If you’re still running Windows XP, now really is the time to upgrade – and we can help ease the transition to a newer operating system.

The Gameover Zeus virus tends to infect machines via e-mail – so make sure you practice good e-mail management. If you don’t recognise the e-mail, best to delete it if it contains an attachment. Certainly don’t open the attachment!

The e-mails tend to be designed to trick you into opening them – by claiming you have an invoice, delivery note, tax rebate, or similar.
If you’re not sure – play safe and ignore it. You can always phone the company who sent it to you if you’re really not sure.

Stay safe!

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