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Should I buy a tablet or stick with my PC?

Should I buy a tablet or stick with my PC?

When people started raving about iPads the tablet market exploded and predictions that the laptop’s days were numbered surfaced.

Not so fast. While tablets offer convenience, portability and reliability, laptops still hold sway when it comes to function and storage.

If you’re tempted to ditch the laptop in favour of a tablet here is our guide to help your decision-making.

Tablet pros

  • Quick to load – you’ll be up and running within moments of start-up, while the laptop will take anything upwards from 90 seconds, depending on how efficient you’ve been in keeping the laptop’s operating system up to date.
  • Portable – tablets are so light and compact that they slip into any bag or can be carried around in a neat proprietary case – no bulky additional baggage to juggle with at meetings or on long journeys. Tablets can be whipped out while on the move, whereas you need to be sitting down somewhere before firing up the laptop.
  • Good battery life – due to having smaller, less powerful processors the tablet gives longer periods of use between charges.
  • Price – the Apple ipad starts at £400 but there are much cheaper alternatives, so you can dip in at entry level lower than a laptop.

Tablet cons

  • Limited storage – with up to 500GB or more, most laptops outperform tablets in this respect, with most tablets offering only between 16 to 128GB.
  • Apps – If you’re going to be emailing, browsing the web, keeping your social media platforms up to date or simply watching on-demand TV or films while on the go, then the tablet will perform these tasks adequately, but for other tasks you’ll need to be confident that there’s an app to perform it. Some of these are still clunky and will be nowhere near as efficient as the program that performs the same task on your laptop.
  • Printing – this can be a struggle unless you have a modern wi-fi printer.
  • Power and speed – with more powerful processing hardware it’s likely that the laptop you have will offer more speed when carrying out multiple tasks. Tablets are not great for documents and heavy workloads.
  • Accessories – it’s a straightforward to add mice, keyboards, webcams or storage devices to a laptop due to various compatible ports and outputs. It’s not so straightforward on the tablet.

In summary, the tablet is a boon for quick and easy tasks while on the move, but if it’s a serious workstation you’re after, stick with your laptop.

The other option is to have one of each, as many people do, and tailor your use accordingly, depending on where you’re going to be and what task you’re going to be performing.


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