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How you risk writing off £1.5k – without warning

How you risk writing off £1.5k – without warning

,The 2014 floods in Britain cost businesses £831m.  The Federation of Small Businesses says that the average cost to each business in flood-hit areas was £1,531.

Behind those stark figures — which are bad enough on their own — lies a grimmer picture. One of business men and women who have spent years building up their clientele and customer base seeing everything they’ve worked towards being wiped out.

One major question which any business should be able to answer at any time is this … ‘What happens if a disaster — natural or otherwise — were to affect our IT systems?’

The natural follow-on questions come thick and fast.

• How do we get up and running as quickly as possible so that we can put up the ‘business as usual’ signs?

• What happens to all the precious data we have built up over the years, such as customer records and our sales pipeline containing valuable prospect information?

• How do we reinstate essential financial records?

• How do we do all the above without working non-stop through the night until things are back to normal?

• And how do we avoid that awful, empty feeling that sucks the life from a normally optimistic person — the feeling that all hope is lost.

If you can’t answer the question ‘What would happen if someone walked into our premises, loaded all our IT equipment on to a van and drove it away?’ then the painful scenario we have portrayed could one day become all too real.

Most larger businesses now have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place as standard, but for smaller businesses the extra investment might be disproportionate.

So at 1-fix we have developed a realistic, affordable package that will at least ensure your data is safe and that your systems can be up and running again within a few hours.

To find out more please call us on 0118 9260084 to arrange a free no obligation meeting, where we can discuss the best ways we can help ensure you don’t become part of the statistics.


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