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Wouldn’t you rather have IT support from people you get along with?

Wouldn’t you rather have IT support from people you get along with?

Don’t you just love it when people say nice things about you? Especially when it comes from the heart and they’re not just being nice because they’re after something.

It’s also encouraging to have praise heaped on your team for being great people to work with as well as being immensely skilled at what they do.

We’re buffing our nails on our lapels as we write that, because we’re proud to say that plenty of feedback along those lines is coming our way.

It’s one thing to be able to keep your systems running smoothly, highlighting areas where you should be upgrading to stay efficient, or sorting out issues with the minimum of fuss – which is what we do – but it’s quite another to know that when we do pitch up to do some work with your team, your people are going to enjoy having our people alongside them.

To underline the point that businesses love having us around, David Seward of Berkshire Youth told us: 

‘Your Ted hasn’t yet failed to solve a problem. We often say “Ted to the rescue” when we know he’s on his way!’

And Matthew Wise of St James Place Wealth Management has written to us about the reassurance of knowing we’re there for him. 

‘If my system goes down it has a significant impact on my productivity and it’s therefore important to get the problem resolved quickly but also correctly.‘1-Fix Ltd exceed my expectations in this regard, even working over the weekend on one occasion to fix a problem so that I could have everything up and running on Monday morning ready for work.’

It might be that we don’t need to visit your premises to carry out the necessary work. British aircraft charter company Bookajet, based at Farnborough Airport, are a case in point.

Their Compliance Manager Paul Mansfield explains how it works for them. 

He says: ‘We have a need for regular maintenance, but we also have the occasional urgent callout. The bulk of our support is done either over the phone or by remote access to the PC that needs attention.‘However, if it can’t be resolved this way and we need an engineer on site, it’s a seamless process and we don’t need to start explaining the situation all over again to another person. It makes life much easier.’

So … thanks for the positive feedback and if you are thinking of contacting us for the first time, here’s our promise.

Firstly, we’re always focused on you – our clients. We always go the extra mile to keep you happy. That’s our way of working.

We also promise that we will:

• Deliver the best IT support in Berkshire – backed by our unbeatable six-month guarantee

• Do everything in our power to keep you happy

• Arrive on-site when we say we will

• Keep your IT protected – pro-actively, to keep you working and virus free

• Speak in plain English – no Geek Speak!

Your next step

To secure IT peace of mind with lovely people who take great joy in serving you, use this link to send us your enquiry.


Or call us on and find out how refreshingly committed we are to doing our best for you.


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