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£1,000 grant for your business when staff take up remote working

£1,000 grant for your business when staff take up remote working

sustainableroutesGrants of up to £1,000 are available from the Government if you are able to reduce travel to work for you and your team – and there are several ways we can help you to qualify.

These include:

Supplying and setting up laptops at excellent prices to enable team members to function in any location;

Server upgrades to ensure the business keeps on running efficiently.

Voip phone systems (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

The idea is to encourage remote working, which enables team members to still carry out the same tasks they would at your place of business but without all the bad things that their journeys create.

All travel impacts on people at a personal level but it also impacts on the environment, which is why the Government and the EU is encouraging us to be creative in the way we look at attendance in offices and workshops.

Naturally, bosses aren’t interested if there is any reduction in productivity, but there are case studies on the Sustainable Routes website to suggest that, when managed effectively, there are benefits beyond the financial implications. We include one example below.

The grant is match funded, meaning you’ll need to spend at least £2,000, but larger projects tend to be looked upon more favourably by the grant’s judging panel.

Here are a few examples of how the grant has been used by businesses such as yours.

  • Bicycles, storage and showers to encourage active travel
  • LPG vehicle conversions
  • Laptops for employees to work remotely
  • Server upgrade to support remote working
  • Voip phone systems

20-Percent-DiscountOur Special Offer to you:

20% labour rate discount on installation of VoIP systems, set-up of new server / remote working software or set-up of laptops when purchase via 1-Fix as part of the Sustainable Routes grant.

Contact us now and let us help you take advantage of this fantastic grant offer – click here to send us an email or call us right now on 0118 926 0084!

The grant is available to all SMEs in the South East of England.

Here’s a link to the Sustainable Routes website


Case StudyBerkshire business stays out of a jam thanks to a grant from Sustainable Routes
One Maidenhead business has cut down on fuel costs and time wasted in traffic jams thanks to a Sustainable Routes grant.

A4 Selfstore, a self storage and removal business, received a match-funded Sustainable Routes grant to help them buy an Apple Mac laptop which allows them to work on the go.
Bruce Chapman, Director of A4 Selfstore in Maidenhead, heard about Sustainable Routes through one of his colleagues. “I didn’t believe it at first,” he says, “that they could just give you money to help you buy something your business needs. But it’s true, and I bought a high end Apple Macbook laptop which I would not have done if it wasn’t for the Sustainable Routes grant helping to make it affordable.”

How has the laptop helped business? “Well, me and the team are constantly on the move during the day in order to provide quotes for clients. This means going to visit numerous properties throughout the region and then having to travel back to the office, navigating busy traffic, totting up mileage and fuel costs all the while, just so we can send through the paperwork and confirm a quote for the client.

Having previously had to return to their offices to process paperwork and issue quotations, Bruce says that “thanks to the laptop, which we have linked up to our iPhones, we can now send the details of the quotes by email literally as soon as we leave the property. We get calls from our clients minutes later saying ‘How did you do that so fast?’ It helps to give us that professional touch and has definitely led to more business for us.” The company estimates that they’ll be able to save around 8,000 miles of driving as a result of the grant. Sustainable Routes Project Manager, Sam Hampton said: “This is an example of a simple but effective use of the grant, allowing a small business to work more efficiently and cut emissions from driving”.

Sustainable Routes grants are available for businesses in the South East of England to enable them to travel more sustainably. Other companies have used the grant to buy bicycle shelters, install showers, convert company cars to LPG and much more. Find out more about getting a Sustainable Routes grant by calling 01494 569061.


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