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4 crucial factors in choosing your IT support

4 crucial factors in choosing your IT support

It’s often said that big is beautiful, but in the case of IT support size isn’t everything.

A large IT support outfit might not always be the best choice, and here are some of the reasons why.

Ownership of issues/problems

It’s harder for you, the customer, to get passed around from one department to another, simply because there aren’t as many people to try and fob you off. It’s likely that when you work with a more exclusive set of employees there will be a culture of putting you first rather than off-loading you. You might be a hot potato, but it’s more likely you’ll stay on the same plate and get dealt with more promptly. People who work for smaller businesses are often ingrained with a ‘can do’ and a ‘will help’ attitude (we try and hire those people!!)


The support team are more likely to learn your system and become familiar with your requirements and the way you operate. So when you sound the alarm the person responding can already be halfway to knowing what they’re going to do to resolve your issue before they even get to the premises. It would be like having a GP who knows your medical history when they see your face, rather than having to look up your notes. How reassuring is that?

Personal service

You know how important it is to build relationships with suppliers and service providers, so why should it be any different with your IT support? When you need a plumber you’d much rather have the person who has been before and who who will replace a washer rather than install a new tap or entire sink unit. The returning IT person who is on a retainer won’t be out to hit you with a big one-off bill, because they are investing in your long-term custom as much as you are investing in their knowledge.

Speak to the same staff

It’s great when a familiar face turns up at your premises or you recognise the voice at the other end of the phone. It’s reassuring to know that there’s consistency in the people with whom you deal. And a smaller IT support team is less likely to have a frequent turnover of staff.

There are downsides, of course, but we’re struggling to think of many. One might be that the provider could be stretched when demand for services hits a peak, which in turn might lead to delays, but on balance we strongly feel that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

At 1-Fix we’ve added to our team this year, but we’ve done that to minimise delays at peak times and to allow us to grow in a managed way with the right staff and attitudes. We pride ourselves on the personal level of service we give, and look forward to becoming a key member of your team or deepening our relationship with our existing clients.




Sharon Faulkner replied on 27/02/2014 |

Craig and his team respond promptly and professionally to any IT issues we have and we have full confidence in them and recommend them all the time

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