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Free calls? 5 benefits of VoIP you may not know about!

Free calls? 5 benefits of VoIP you may not know about!

Here at 1-Fix, we love VoIP and we use it for our in-house phone system as well as for many of our clients. However, many of the prospects we meet with don’t know much about VoIP and how great it can be for their business so we thought we’d share 5 benefits of VoIP for small businesses.

If you’re a small business with a traditional phone system, or you’re planning on a new phone system for your business, you need to read this!

1. Flexibility

Unlike a traditional phone system, where you have a (large) box on the wall or in a data rack, our VoIP telephone service is a hosted solution. This means that you don’t need any physical hardware at your office except for an internet connection and VoIP telephones. In fact, you don’t even need the telephones as you can use a computer application called a softphone on your PC, Mac or on your mobile phone.

Adding new users is simply a case of setting them up on the control panel, and configuring their (soft)phone. Gone are the days of needing a new phone system, or upgraded ISDN lines, because you’ve hit the limits of your hardware phone system.

Benefits of VoIP - 2. Flexibility

A typical softphone app. Photo courtesy of osde8info(CC ShareALike)

2. Portability

Once your phone is configured, you can plug it into any internet connection and be part of the phone system – even if you’re not in the same office. 

When I’m working from home, I can take my desk phone home and plug it in – it behaves exactly like it would at the office, meaning it rings with the other phones, staff can transfer calls to me, etc.

If you have a softphone client configured on your mobile, you can pick up your calls anywhere, and your clients only have to call your main office number – perfect!

3. Cost

Of course, one of the key benefits of VoIP is the low running costs. Our VoIP service starts from £4 per month for a single user system (£8 per month for multi-user) so it’s much cheaper than even a basic additional phone line for your office. Call costs are cheaper than BT, and if you’re calling other VoIP customers then your calls are completely free as the call is carried over the internet. 

You can use the VoIP to VoIP calling to your advantage if you have multiple offices. Simply set both offices up on our VoIP service and never pay a penny in call costs to call between both locations. You can even send a pre-configured VoIP phone to staff or offices abroad, and then call them for free too!

4. Scalability

As we touched on in point 1, you can add extra VoIP users very simply. In fact, we can send out pre-configured phones to new staff members – and you can have up to 10 extensions on your account without having to pay any more than the £8 per month for the multi-user VoIP platform – so you can easily grow your business without having to worry about telecoms each time you add new staff.

When you need 10+ extensions, simply add on another £8 multi-user VoIP account and you’ve got another 10 extensions ready to deploy. It’s simple!

5. Quality

One of the common misconceptions about VoIP is that it’s like Skype, and the call quality can be poor. This is untrue. The biggest cause of poor call quality is a badly designed system. When properly designed (ensuring, for example, that the internet is fast enough for the number of users required on the system) a VoIP telephone system will actually deliver a better call quality than an analogue phone system. 

It’s also possible to divert your VoIP calls to another number if you’re broadband is offline, meaning you won’t miss any calls. Of course, if you have a softphone on your mobile then you’re all set – unless your mobile breaks at the same time as an internet outage. With a traditional phone system, if you have a phone line fault you’re completely offline – with no automatic fail-over (and no voicemail capability, as this would be at your office and unavailable)

Sounds good?

If we’ve convinced you of the benefits of VoIP for your business, or you’d like a bit more information, just pop your details in the box below and we’ll be more than happy to help – whether it’s designing the right solution for your business, or discussing the benefits of VoIP that are specific to your current needs:

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