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Berkshire IT Support – Litenow Case Study

Berkshire IT Support – Litenow Case Study

1-Fix provide Litenow with Berkshire based IT support and management
We love it when our clients have nice things to say about our services. This week, I’d like to share with you a case study that our friends at Litenow have provided for us. Litenow are an innovative team of commercial electricians who specialise in fitting energy saving lighting for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills. Litenow are based in Woodley, Berkshire. We help Litenow by providing them with:
  • Pro-active IT support
  • New hardware
  • Software support and helpdesk services
  • Server management
  • Office 365 – Installation, support and management
So, read on to see how we help Litenow with our Berkshire IT support services and pro-active management!

Efficient IT helps Litenow’s growth

Litenow electrician and his van


Litenow specialises in energy saving commercial lighting, dealing largely with factories, warehouses, offices and retail parks. As well as installing lighting, they have an extensive maintenance programme with engineers out on the road using handheld devices to communicate with the office.
“Our engineers use a service management software system, linked to a dedicated server in our office, that allows all data associated with a job to be received from and transmitted to site.”

Managing Director, Steve Hiscox first met Craig several years ago as a result of an issue with his computer at home. He was impressed with his professional approach and kept his details. When Steve expanded his business and needed some IT support, he turned to Craig and the 1-Fix team.

Over the years, Litenow has expanded rapidly, from one employee in 2010 to seven employees in 2014. In January 2014 they moved offices and decided it was time to take stock of the IT infrastructure. Although it was all functioning well enough, the existing system was not suitable for expansion as everything relied on 1 machine. There were also intermittent power issues resulting in unexpected interruptions.

How 1-Fix Help

As they were making major changes, they took the decision to upgrade to Windows 7 at the same time, and approached 1-Fix to implement their new IT structure.
“We really wanted a wired system and didn’t feel the cloud was appropriate for us. The solution was a central server that sits in a server cabinet. The new office is equipped with two ISDN lines and UPS power solution that copes with power outages and shuts the machines down in an organised manner.”

Litenow are on a monthly maintenance programme which means that the 1-Fix team can respond very quickly to any issues and log in remotely.

“We had an issue this morning, called 1-Fix and they logged on and sorted it out. We also get a weekly report which details what they’ve done on each machine. This provides a useful record of what goes on behind the scenes.”

Delivering Results

Steve is delighted with the overall solution, and the way that it all works together.  

“It does exactly what we want. We didn’t want to have to keep downloading the latest update, and although implementing the new software has required almost daily support from users in the early days, it has posed no problems. 1-Fix are very knowledgeable and it’s nice to know they’re there. We know that if we have a major disaster, it can be dealt with very quickly by technical experts”


As Litenow has developed and grown, 1-Fix has been there to support them with what they need. 
“They are very approachable and always go the extra mile. From dealing with a domestic computer to networking a whole office, the service is always professional and thorough.”

If your business would benefit from our pro-active Berkshire IT support services, drop us a line from the form below and we’ll give you a call to see how we can help you.