Business Continuity

More than just a back-up, our business continuity solutions get your servers running again quickly in an outage

How can business continuity help me?

Business continuity is a broad term, but as we’re IT specialists we are looking at it from a hardware and network perspective. By actively managing and monitoring the health of your IT equipment we can ensure that unexpected downtime is minimised – this is a service that all of our Business contract clients benefit from as standard. While this is good, it’s not enough for most modern businesses. After all, everything revolves around the IT systems – accounting, business processes, documents, etc.

We like to go further, much further. One of our key offerings for our clients is a Datto BDR (backup & disaster recovery) appliance. In simple terms, this is a server that sits on your network and allows us to undertake the following key tasks:

  • Regular snapshot backups of all servers, up to every 15 minutes
  • Streaming of these backups off-site to the Datto cloud
  • Fast local restore of backups to servers or new hardware
  • The ability to ‘virtualise’ your failed server(s) on the Datto hardware – meaning you’re back up and running in minutes if a server fails
  • The ability to ‘virtualise’ your entire server estate in the Datto cloud if you have a site-wide disaster (fire, flood, theft, etc)

Is my business too small or big to use Datto?

No, Datto have a range of appliances which fit all sizes and styles of business. These include:

  • Backup appliances with between 1TB - 120TB of storage
  • Virtual Appliances for clients with their own cloud environment
  • Appliances for micro business (Alto), small business (Siris S3 and Siris Business), medium businesses (Siris Professional) and larger firms (Siris Enterprise)

Key Datto Benefits

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24 x 7 Tech Support

Unfortunately big outages don’t always happen when we want them to (ideally never!) – Datto have 24×7 technical support, which our team can utilise out of hours to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible in a disaster

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Protection from Ransomware

Having snapshots of all server data every 15 minutes means that should you ever get infected and held to ransom by a virus, you don’t need to pay the ransom. Plus Datto features ransomware detection to help us spot if something is amiss with your backups.


Long retention periods

As standard, Datto will store 1 year of recovery points on their cloud (and as many as can fit on the local appliance). We can increase this to infinite retention, allowing a restore or virtualisation of a server to any point in time, removing the worries around compliance/legal requirements for access to older data.


The Datto Cloud

Being able to quickly restore or virtualise servers on-site is great, but the real power of Datto is in their cloud. Being able to restore your entire environment on their cloud, for no extra cost, when you need it is a real life-saver. Don’t just take our word for it, hear how it stopped NEP Vision from going out of business when a fire destroyed their warehouse in 2016: https://www.getreading.co.uk/news/reading-berkshire-news/bracknell-broadcasting-company-hopes-relocate-11348135

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