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Do we need a wireless printer?

Do we need a wireless printer?

Are you frustrated when you ask a question such as ‘Why are you doing that?’ and the answer comes back ‘Because we can’.  It’s a particularly pertinent question when it comes to technology, because things move so rapidly.

Developments come along at an alarming rate so if you’re not careful business costs can spiral without seeing any tangible gain.  With that in mind here’s guidance on an item that – while not horrendously expensive – might still be unnecessary. After all, in any business, expense should always be tightly monitored.

We’re focusing on wireless printing, which is a convenient way of doing things but which might come in as an additional expense you can well do without.

We’ll start by asking which of the following situations most closely matches yours?

We have more than one computer

The benefits of a wireless printer are that all the computers that can use your broadband can print. Additionally, if you buy an all-in-one you can scan too, and if you buy a model with Airprint or tablet compatibility then you can print from iPad/iPhone/other tablets.

So in this instance we’d say yes, go ahead.

We have a single computer and don’t mind a cable to the printer

You likely already know that you would save money by buying a non-wireless model, but it probably helps you to hear us say no. However, those aren’t the only factors to bear in mind.

Other plus points of a wireless printer are that it frees up a USB port on your computer and that, typically, you can connect a wireless-enabled computer or laptop to the device without installing drivers.

Wireless printers can also be placed in convenient, yet out-of-the-way settings, freeing up desk space or keeping areas clear of clutter.

Some people might be put off attempting a wireless set-up, in which case we’d be happy to do it for you if that’s the route you want to take.

Even with wireless printers in a business setting you might still require a few printers, but not to the extent of having one per PC. This is because wireless printers can accommodate a number of computers. Even so, there is a limit to their capacity. It may depend on the model of printer, and the capacity of the wireless network as well. That’s something else about which we can advise.

Unlike using multiple printers, having a single device reduces the expense of purchasing replacement ink and toner cartridges, and that’s a huge plus. On the subject of saving money, you can also set the machine’s Econo-Mode printing and Power-Saving modes, which tend to cut down the overall printing or operating costs.

Top tip
In our experience HP wireless printers seem to have odd wireless issues, in particular with BT Home Hubs. We recommend Epson and Canon printers as they are broadly more reliable based on feedback from our clients.


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