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Exciting IT times ahead, but don’t leave gaping holes in your security in 2016

Exciting IT times ahead, but don’t leave gaping holes in your security in 2016

Struggling to keep pace with the rate of change in these techie times? Don’t worry, because as long as you have a trusted IT outfit as part of your team, you have nothing to worry about.

If you’re trying to go it alone, though, while juggling all the other responsibilities of running a business, that’s where you could come a cropper.

But more of that in a moment.

For now, we’re looking ahead to an exciting event in January, where many innovative technological advances will be unveiled.

It’s CES 2016 — the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow that takes place every January in Las Vegas.

We’re expecting to see more advances on useful, everyday items such as: 

  • Faster-charging and longer-lasting batteries
  • Innovative wearables that improve connectivity
  • Improvements to streamed TV, films and sport

But we’re also keenly anticipating big strides in three key areas …


LG and two other TV giants, Samsung and Sony, will be trying to outbid each other with the most innovative TV tech, but how do you fancy this for starters — an integrated camera that advises on the optimal viewing position, so that an alarm sounds if you (or the kids) are too close to the screen, have poor posture, or watch TV for too long.

Look out, too, for automatically adjusted brightness levels according to ambient lighting, and much more besides.


The self-driving car debate moved forward considerably in 2015, so that instead of us looking at the ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions we are now discussing moral dilemmas such as how we can program cars to crash deliberately if the outcome of avoiding a collision will have a worse impact. We’ll be watching developments on that front with interest.

Meanwhile, Mercedes is going to reveal its latest advances in the connected car of the future and the road to autonomous driving and there will be significant developments on the self-driving front, not only from Mercedes but also Tesla and the company where many former Tesla staff now work, Faraday Future — which is set to unveil its concept car.

Gaming and Virtual Reality

We also expect 2016 to see huge strides forward — again — in gaming and virtual reality.

Several new headsets are set to be showcased in Las Vegas and prepared to be wowed by more robotic technology.

Cyber security threats

But while all of the above are of immense interest and will impact us all further down the line, we’re more keen to stress the importance of keeping things safe at home and in the workplace.

Global and national cyber security hits the headlines every week, but bringing things right down to a local level our top priority is to protect our customers from the ever-present threat of malicious, criminal activity threatening your business.

Take a look at this infographic and get in touch if any of this is leaving you feeling exposed

We’re on 0118 9260084 and are ready to chat now — even if it’s just to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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