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How old technology is harming your output

How old technology is harming your output

Who said this? 

‘The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.’

With respect to the tech giant who uttered those words – whose identity will be revealed later – we would add a third rule, which is this: 

‘Any business using bad technology will not only cease to be efficient, but will utterly destroy its workforce’s morale.’

Outdated, inefficient technology is not only crushingly frustrating for the individual using it, but it sucks the performance out of any team. 

All businesses rely on getting jobs done with maximum efficiency in order to keep costs down and therefore minimize the final price charged to the customer. 

So it’s easy to see the value of keeping your technology operating smoothly and ensuring it bang up to date. 

The problem is, many businesses make the basic error of ‘saving money’ by soldiering on with outdated tech without recognizing the damage it is doing. As a result:

  • PCs freeze

• Printers don’t print

• Internet connections slow to a crawl
  •  Documents get lost when systems crash

The result? 

  • Duplication of work

  • Staff down-time

  • The Argghhh!!! Factor becomes a common feature of every working day.
  • Grumbles and gripes get multiplied.
  • Your reputation suffers as staff start to offer excuses to customers.

But the solution is so simple. 

Hand responsibility for this crucial part of your operation to a specialist whose sole focus is to keep your I.T. performing at its best. 

And then watch productivity soar. 

You and your team can then have utter confidence that systems and software will be running smoothly.

Not only that, but if something does go wrong, there will be a back-up plan in place and you won’t have to call on your supposed in-house expert to stop what he or she is doing to spend hours fault-finding.

When you appoint an I.T. specialist look after your technology it is not an admission of defeat.

It’s a highly professional decision that will ensure your team can focus on what they do best, unhindered by technical issues that distract and detract from the task in hand.

You wouldn’t ask your highest-paid team leader to fix a dripping tap in the staff loo or stop what they’re doing to re-hang a sticking door, so why would you want them to lose time getting your internet back on-line or restoring the office network?

Not only will a specialist keep things running smoothly, they will know ahead of time when your equipment or software is becoming obsolete.

They will also recognize the point at which you are asking too much of it, and will know which upgrades to put in place to head off any issues.

See why people just like you use 1-Fix  and then call us for a free audit of how your systems are coping with what’s being asked of them.

Oh, and that opening quote? Of course – you knew it was Bill Gates.

Quotation courtesy of brainyquote.com

Read more technology quotes at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_technology.html#WAkLp6oBZpyhv4rS.99


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