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How to keep your PC free from Ransomware

How to keep your PC free from Ransomware

If you’re looking to protect your PC from Ransomware, you probably need to know what it’s all about first.

Ransomwear is a nasty type of virus that stops you from accessing your PC, by popping up a message once you’ve tried to log in that is designed to extort money from you to allow you back on to your PC.

These viruses are crafted to look official, by using things like the Metropolitan Police logo, or the FBI logo. Most of them will tell you that you’ve been caught doing something you shouldn’t have, such as:

  • Downloading illegal files
  • Visiting illegal download sites
  • Viewing illegal adult content

They offer to allow you back into your PC if you pay them a fee, usually around €100, via an anonymous payment method such as UKash.

The security firm Sophos have produced a good video showing what Ransomware is, and what you should do:

How to stay safe

  • Keep your programs up to date, including:
    • Windows
    • Adobe Reader
    • Flash Player
    • Java
  • Ensure you have a way to scan/clean your computer from a CD should it get infected – We recommend Hitman Pro (see below for details)
  • If you do get infected, don’t pay them!

Staying safe with Hitman Pro

Hitman Pro is a second opinion malware scanner. It’s designed to be run on a weekly (or as needed) basis to find any viruses or junk which have crept past your main anti-virus software. The latest version has ‘kickstart’ technology, which makes it incredibly easy to remove ransomware from your computer should you get infected.

All you need to do is download Hitman Pro and create a kickstart USB memory stick. (You’ll need a blank/spare USB stick for this)

Hitman Pro is well worth the €19.99 yearly licence fee, as it can be used at anytime to quickly pick up any threats your security software has missed. An average scan of the whole PC takes as little as 2 minutes, as it uses advanced cloud technology. We use it regularly here in the workshop to remove virus threats, or as a final check before dispatching computers back!


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