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How to make life more difficult – without even trying

How to make life more difficult – without even trying

Everyone likes life to run smoothly but it rarely does.

So with all the bumps and bruises we experience along the way why do we add to them by not taking care of stuff that doesn’t need to be a problem?

We think it’s because people are afraid of the unknown and therefore either pretend there isn’t a problem or hope there won’t be one.

Much better, in our view, to anticipate potential issues and put plans in place to pre-empt or prevent them.

Here are our top tips for heading off PC issues before they develop.

Keep information safe

That means being careful with passwords, the way you store data, using firewalls effectively and keeping software up-to-date.

Don’t lose your phone

Duh! That’s easier said than done, as we all know, but at least there are programs and apps that help you track down your beloved mobile or tablet and in the worst case scenario keep them locked down so no one else can access what’s on them.

Share files easily

It’s a fairly simple process to set up a network, but we bet you’ve had to resort to USB drives or even CDs when you’ve wanted to share a file with the a colleague at the next desk.

Keep your machine well-maintained

A short time spent on regular maintenance will save hours of angst when things get all graunchy and slow. There are guides for keeping your PC, laptop and phones running smoothly, and it’s not as complicated as it used to be.

Access your home computer from anywhere

That feeling of frustration when you want to show a client something but it’s on your main machine back at base is a bitter pill to swallow, so set up home access or learn how to use Dropbox or similar. It’s a great way to ensure you’re constantly backed-up as well.

Overloaded hard drive

Your machine arrived with a ton of software that you’re probably never going to use, but it has the ability to slow things down so-o-o-o-o much. Have a good look at what you don’t need and strip the extraneous items away.

Get your wi-fi working smoothly

If your router constantly needs resetting or if things are running far slower than they should there are plenty of things you can do – from basic stuff like making sure it’s not overheating to more detailed fixes that might take a spot of learning but which will be well worthwhile in the long run.

Don’t fall for hoax scare stories

Understand your viruses, trojans and malware programs and learn to separate true threats from ill-informed guidance from businesses who simply want to sell their quick-fix software that might look impressive but which achieves very little in reality.

Save time with shortcuts

Pick up on timesaving keystrokes and you can save minutes every hour of every day and strain on your wrists and finger joints by not having to constantly reach across to a mouse or trackpad.

Back it up

Everyone knows they should – and yet everyone knows someone who’s had a computer disaster. But most people still wait for their first meltdown or massive data loss before doing something about it. Don’t delay

We think most of the above is pretty simple stuff – but that’s because we know what we’re doing.

If the thought of tackling just one of those tasks prompts even the slightest self-doubt, we’re on the end of a phone to share the good news of how you can get it done – with minimum fuss – by us.

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