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Our ideal referral!

Our ideal referral!

Those of you who know me quite well will know that I do a fair amount of business networking. One of the keys things I’ve learned from networking with other people is to be clear about the ideal referral for your business. Today, I realised that I’ve never communicated this to our customers and associates, so I thought I’d tell you our ideal referrals and how you can help us to find them!

1-Fix has now been running, in one form or another, for over 10 years. When I first started the business in my spare time I was a one-man band, servicing people’s home computers in the evenings after work.

Right from the outset I tried to focus on providing good service to my small batch of first customers. As they got to know and trust me, they would refer me on to their friends and neighbours. This helped me to build the business to where it is now, which is a full time entity with staff and premises, and lots of customers to support!

Over the years the domestic side of the business – home computer repairs, in-house call outs, etc. – has grown steadily.
Growing the commercial side has always been more tricky. Whereas the referrals between domestic clients is very noticeable  the referral rate between businesses is very low. Most probably because most business owners are too busy running the company to think about telling other people about a good supplier they have found.

That’s where you come in!
I’m going to tell you the sort of clients we can help, and hopefully you’ll know someone who can introduce us to them.

Our ideal client

Firstly, we’re looking for a business that employs more than 5 people, where they all have computers on their desks. They don’t have any in-house IT support staff, but may use a member of their staff who is knowledgeable to assist others, or may currently use another external service provider. Companies with more than 50 staff usually have in-house support, so the ideal range is 5 – 50 staff.

Secondly, they should be within 10 miles of Reading. Although we can, and do, support clients on a fully remote basis it’s always nice to be able to meet the clients face to face. Plus being local means we can respond quicker to issues that need an engineer on-site.

Being specific, a few ideal referrals would be:
Whiteknights Estate Agents (Reading), Redberry Digital (Henley-on-Thames), Kench & Co (Henley-on-Thames), Soil Mechanics (Finchampstead)

What can we do for them?

We can help with a whole range of services to address challenges they may be facing in their businesses. For companies with multiple branches or remote workers we can set-up advanced telecoms which can save them money and bring them better call handling. We can also provide solutions to enhance employee productivity and site to site communications/remote working.

Our concept of business support is based around providing pro-active fixed price IT support contracts, so we can ensure they are getting value for money from their IT support – and bring fresh ideas to their business.

By introducing us to companies you know, you’ll be doing them a favour as you’ll be helping them take control of their IT costs, get a pro-active support service and get some great technology help and ideas moving forwards.

So, who do you know who can benefit from our help? Drop us a line with their details and we’ll give them a call!


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