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1-Fix – Our methodology to Managed IT Support

1-Fix – Our methodology to Managed IT Support

Berkshire’s award-winning Business IT Support Provider

We’re 1-Fix, a full-service IT company based in Berkshire.  If you’re looking for more than just basic IT support for your business, you’ve found the right partner. We work as an outsourced IT department, providing friendly efficient daily support for your staff, fixed price pro-active monitoring of all your devices, and because we get to know your business and staff we provide consultancy and guidance to help you flourish.

Voted one of the 50 Best Managed IT Service companies in 2019-20.

See below for a brief description of the services we provide, bearing in mind that we only propose solutions based on the requirements of our individual clients – we never promote unnecessary services or tech!

Cloud Services and Hosted VoIP Solutions

As an active Cloud Service provider, we can support your business navigate the fairly new but exhilarating world of cloud computing.  The Cloud broadly denotes computing services and resources retrieved remotely via the internet rather than through in-house or local physical infrastructure.  The Cloud gives you full access to computing power, security and scalability without the capital expense and maintenance aggravation of physical infrastructures.   It also presents cost-efficiency and flexibility that is challenging to achieve with hardware, as the subscription-type nature of cloud services let you pay for the services and resources you need and dispense with those you don’t.

A frequent entry-point to the cloud is through Hosted email services, cloud-based backup solutions and cloud storage.  We can recommend the best combination of Cloud services and Physical infrastructure for your business that exploits the benefits of the Cloud and makes for optimal use of the server infrastructure you may already have.  We even offer private cloud solutions for businesses wishing to operate their own hardware in the cloud.  This presents the benefits of the public Cloud but with superior control and customisation potential.

We also set up ‘hosted’ (Cloud Based) VoIP phone systems.  Such systems offer the features of a more traditional ISDN business phone system but with much easier and cheaper set up as well as many of the benefits inherent in cloud services such as scalability and convenience.

IT Support

All-incorporating IT support is the keystone of our offering.  We focus largely on prevention and base ourselves as a proactive provider than reactive using our advanced monitoring platform.  This lets us scour your network for signs that something is likely to go wrong (such as a Hard drive error message), allowing us to act before destruction can be imposed.

You’ll be able to rest assured understanding that your data is backed up, the latest updates are installed and that your entire network is protected by the most up-to date malware and virus protection.

Cyber Security

We can inform on and execute a host of Cybersecurity measures to protect your business’ applications, software, hardware, and data from a range of cyber threats. From Antivirus software and firewalls to access management and web filtering, our capability in the field of online security will add strength to your cyber defences and help you sustain your data protection commitments.

Furthermore, with our threat monitoring and reporting tools, we can help you identify the sources of cyber threats, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken to protect your network.

Business Continuity

More than just a back-up, our business continuity solutions get your servers running again quickly in an outage.

Business continuity is a broad term, but as we’re IT specialists we are looking at it from a hardware and network perspective. By actively managing and monitoring the health of your IT equipment we can ensure that unexpected downtime is minimised – this is a service that all of our Business contract clients benefit from as standard. While this is good, it’s not enough for most modern businesses. After all, everything revolves around the IT systems – accounting, business processes, documents, etc.

We like to go further, much further. One of our key offerings for our clients is a Datto BDR (backup & disaster recovery) appliance. In simple terms, this is a server that sits on your network and allows us to undertake the following key tasks:

  • Regular snapshot backups of all servers, up to every 15 minutes
  • Streaming of these backups off-site to the Datto cloud
  • Fast local restore of backups to servers or new hardware
  • The ability to ‘virtualise’ your failed server(s) on the Datto hardware – meaning you’re back up and running in minutes if a server fails
  • The ability to ‘virtualise’ your entire server estate in the Datto cloud if you have a site-wide disaster (fire, flood, theft, etc)

We’re 1-fix, we can help advance your business

At 1-fix, we take a realistic approach to technology – ensuring our client’s systems are best protected.

If you have any concerns, questions or simply want to explore how to better secure your business, please do get in touch with the team for a FREE demonstration, consultation to explore how exposed your business might be and identify actions to take.