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Protect yourself from Crypto viruses now!

Protect yourself from Crypto viruses now!

We’ve recently had our first client machine (a home system, not under business support) which has been hit by a Crypto virus that we’ve been unable to recover anything from. As such the user lost all of his personal documents, data and files.

We take the security of both your business and your personal machines very seriously, and as such we’ve been investigating the best options to protect our clients against these newest virus threats which regular anti-virus software has proved to be ineffective against.

As such, we now suggest that you purchase a subscription of HitmanPro to run alongside your current anti-virus system. Along with your HitmanPro licence, you will be entitled to use their “HitmanPro Alert 3” software which has proved to be effective against these newest threats along with other emerging attacks. Running this software suite will significantly enhance your protection against encryption based virus threats.

We strongly recommend you run this on your commercial and personal machines, to protect against losing all your data in an attack.

To purchase a business licence for your commercial computers, click below and change the QTY to match the number of machines you have:

HitmanPro Enterprise Edition – 1 year subscription

To purchase a home edition licence for your personal machines, click below:

HitmanPro for 1 PC – 1 year subscription   (for 3 years – click here)

HitmanPro for 3 PCs – 1 year subscription  (for 3 years – click here)

The only way to recover from a successful Crypto attack is to restore files from back-up. If you’re a 1-Fix business support client, we’ve got you covered with Cloud backup, but if you’re worried about your home computers then we can also provide the same cloud back-up protection for these machines. Simply send us an e-mail and we can get you set-up, and either bill you directly or through your company.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I’m on a 1-Fix support plan – do I need HitmanPro if you’re already providing me with antivirus as part of my contract?
    Yes, we recommend HitmanPro should be run alongside our existing Managed A/V protection to add an extra layer of security. Likewise, if you’re running your own antivirus (Sophos, Norton, etc) then we also recommend adding HitmanPro for extra protection.
  • Can you purchase this for us, and bill it on our contract?
    We’re not currently resellers for HitmanPro, so you do need to purchase it directly from them. However, if you purchase the licences we’ll happily get a technician to help install them for your company or on your home machines remotely.
  • How much does it cost?
    The commercial licences have a minimum licence requirement of 10 machines, and each machine is currently £11.44 inc. VAT (base pricing is in Euro, so this can fluctuate) with a quantity discount at 50+ machines
    The domestic licences are £16.95 for 1 year, and £25.95 for 3 years for 1 computer. A 3 computer pack is £25.95 for 1 year, and £49.90 for 3 years.
  • How long does a licence last?
    The Enterprise licence length is 1 year.
    If you’re purchasing for your home machines,  a 3 year licence can be purchased and essentially gives you a year of free cover.

As always, we have your security in mind. If you’d like any advice or help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.