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Remote working and efficiency when the weather turns bad

Remote working and efficiency when the weather turns bad

Snowy Road

Time to conside remote working?. Photo courtesy of MPD01605(CC ShareALike)

Plan ahead to avoid a panic – it’s basic good practice which applies to any business, but particularly so at this time of year in relation to dark and dingy winter days.

What happens, for example, if the country is hit by bad weather and staff can’t get in to their workstations? What will you be doing?

Will you shut down for a few days and leave orders unfulfilled and customers angry when their service is interrupted?

You could do, and maybe that’s happened in the past and the goodwill you’ve built up over the years has seen you through.

But in the current competitive climate it doesn’t take much for previously loyal customers to jump ship.

The answer is to be the business which carries on regardless while those around are hamstrung by staff stuck at home or sitting on fogbound roads, going nowhere, least of all to the office.

Here are the contingency plans you can have in place:

  • Set up an remote working or emergency plan so that your team knows under what circumstances they are not expected to travel to the office, and have a system in place for letting people know.
  • Speak to us about remotely hosted systems and cloud storage, so that key tasks can continue from any location.
  • Set up Voice over Internet Protocol phone for employees, so that they can use internet connections for calls, without needing to resort to expensive mobile phone services.

The great news is that you can put all of those in place now. As soon as you give us the nod we can have everything set up ready for the first flurry of snow, the worst of the floods or the foggiest of days.

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Don’t foget it’s much better to have the workforce safely ensconced at home, beavering away remotely, than to have them facing the frustrations and dangers of the road when things turn bad!


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