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Reviving an older laptop with an SSD

Reviving an older laptop with an SSD

This week, we had a call from a longstanding client who was getting fed up with the speed of his laptop. It was 4 years old, but it was a high end machine when it was purchased so there was still a good bit of life in the processor and other components.

On a laptop, the biggest bottleneck is usually the hard disk drive. This is the area where Windows and all of your data files are stored.

The speed of a laptop hard disk drive is slower than a desktop computer. They usually spin at a lower speed, and the data transfer rates are slower. This is why, quite often, you’ll see the hard drive light on the laptop is fully on when it’s going slow.

How we helped

An SSD drive

An SSD drive

In recent years there has been a development in storage technology called an SSD. This stands for Solid State Drive. These devices use memory chips rather than magnetic disks to store your data. This makes them much faster as they aren’t relying on mechanical parts.

To give you an idea of the difference, the SSD can read data at between 5 – 8x the speed of a typical laptop hard disk drive.

In real world terms, our client’s laptop was originally taking around 2 minutes to boot up, and then was still sluggish for 3-4 minutes while background programs loaded.
Now his laptop loads up to the login screen in 18 seconds, and is responsive immediately with all the background programs loaded up within 15 seconds of log in.

What did it cost?

Our client had a 250GB drive in his laptop, so we replaced it with a 250GB SSD.
Including our workshop time, the work came in at just over £200 inc. parts, labour and VAT.

This was a fair saving on a new laptop, and his laptop now out-performs any new laptops at the lower end of the pricing scale as they don’t have an SSD fitted.

As part of our service, we fully duplicated everything from his old disk – meaning his laptop came back just as it was when he left it with us, except for it being much faster.

His comments upon booting it up:

“Wow! It’s much faster than I imagined it would be.”

We asked if he thought it was money well spent:

“Absolutely. It’s like a brand new laptop, but quicker than any I’ve had before. I love it! Thank you!”

Can you put an SSD in my desktop/laptop/nettop/netbook?

Yes! Any device which has a standard hard disk drive can take, and will benefit from, and SSD upgrade.

Depending on size, pricing starts from around £135 inc. parts, labour and VAT.
Turnaround time is typically 24 – 48 hours.

Treat yourself to a machine that feels better than newcontact us now to get a quote!


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