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The answer to clogged-up computers

The answer to clogged-up computers

Computers get clogged up with data and slow considerably if files are not stored in such a way to ensure continued efficient use of your hard drives.

Lost time and therefore lost productivity is the result.

When your systems slow to a crawl frustration creeps in.

One of your highly paid team members might pause, instead of getting on with their tasks, either trying to resolve the issue themselves or by inviting a colleague to come and share some insight – meaning you are two people down while they chew the cud.

To get round such issues many businesses now choose to store data in The Cloud, but for some people it’s seen as too much hassle to research all the various options, so they stick with storing stuff on their own machines.

The risks with this are:

  • Reduced performance of your systems
  • Lost time as you restore from back-ups
  • Lost data when systems go down
  • The ultimate nightmare – key files lost forever through any number of circumstances

We recommend The Cloud as an excellent solution.

Most business leaders would commission a team member to research the best option, and the chances are the person charged with this task will go down the easy route and compare Dropbox and Google Drive – maybe simply because those are the two they have heard of.

We like to look beyond the obvious and for that reason we’d like to take away all the hassle for you and explain our choice, for our clients, and why we recommend it for you.

It’s a cloud-hosted, shared working area that can be securely managed. It’s Nomadesk.

It’s fully encrypted, and while its functionality is similar to other cloud file sharing products, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, it brings more auditing and control over the files in storage and offers its enterprise features at a very competitive £5.50 + VAT per user per month.

Other benefits include

  • Unlimited storage

Store as much data as you need without worrying about usage limits or storage costs.

  • It’s fully encrypted

Nomadesk creates a secure area on your local hard drive called a Vault. All folders and files stored on a Vault are protected by 256-bit encryption. When the Nomadesk application is closed, your Vaults are invisible, making it impossible for unauthorised people to access your private data.

  • Remote track/wipe

If one of your devices is stolen, you can remotely wipe the Nomadesk drive from the device. You can also track the device to aid recovery.

  • External sharing

You can easily share files and folders with remote users. Nomadesk also provides you with an e-mail address for people to mail documents straight into your storage drive.

  • Active Directory link

Link your Nomadesk accounts to your Active Directory, to simplify deployment and user management/permissions.

We have a great offer at the moment and would love to hear from you to set this up …

  • Get a free trial

If you’d like to try out Nomadesk you can download a 14 day-free trial which you can use without restriction.

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