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The benefits of VoIP for small & home businesses

The benefits of VoIP for small & home businesses

Do you know what VoIP stands for? Do you know what it actually does?
And, did you realise that it’s a useful tool for even the smallest of businesses?
Craig Atkins explains how 1-Fix are supplying their small and home business clients with a big business phone system for small business prices!

An example VoIP handset

So, what is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over IP, and to put it in a language that people understand that means it’s a system for making telephone/voice calls via the internet. In effect, it’s a bit like Skype but with more functionality and is designed to allow you to run a fully featured phone system in the cloud.

Some of the benefits of VoIP include:

  • The ability to pick up calls seamlessly on a physical phone, or a headset, or your mobile phone
  • Offers ‘big business’ phone system features like multi-phone groups, multiple inbound phone numbers and identities, hold music, call transfer, conferencing, voicemails
  • Low cost, and very low set-up cost compared to physical business phone systems (an ISDN multi-line system often costs £2k +) – typically under £100 including a handset
  • Portable – no extra costs when moving offices. Plus you can plug your VoIP phone into your home internet and work like you’re in the office – the phone rings just the same!

What are the benefits for a small or home based business?

We’ve set-up a number of small business clients on VoIP solutions, and the typical scenarios are:

  1. They have multiple offices, or want staff to work from their houses, but still need them to be able to pick up phone calls like they were in the office
  2. They want a second phone line, but don’t want to pay the BT line rental or commit to a 12 month contract
  3. They want multiple in-bound phone numbers, and to be able to differentiate between them – a VoIP system, even one with a single phone, can have as many in-bound numbers as you want… and it shows you on the screen which number is calling. (So you have a number for sales, a number for support, etc.)
  4. They want to offer call queuing, or hold music, but don’t have the ability to do that on their current phone system
  5. They want the flexibility to route calls to certain extensions (including other landlines or mobile phones) at certain times of the day automatically
  6. They have suppliers overseas – they send them a VoIP phone and they can call them for free. They become an extension on the phone system.

3CX softphone is a free mobile app for using your VoIP system on the go

What does it cost?

The multi-user VoIP package, which can run more than 1 user, costs £8 per month including VAT and only has a 30 day cancellation period – so it’s much cheaper than a BT line and offers much more functionality too!

Handsets start from around £50, and you can get a softphone (an app for your phone/PC) for free.

Call costs are cheaper than BT too, which makes it an all around good deal.

How can you benefit?

If you run a small or home based business then you would benefit from having a no-obligation meeting with one of our team to discuss how VoIP can help you improve your flexibility and reduce your call costs. Contact us now!

If someone you know is running a small or home based business, do them a favour and forward them a link to this page or get them to give us a call on 0118 9260084. We’d love to help them out!