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When you shouldn’t add to the pile of dumped PCs

When you shouldn’t add to the pile of dumped PCs

It is estimated that 2.5 billion PCs are needlessly junked each year.*

Intense competition in the software market means that many operating systems are upgraded with only minor improvements, and this leads to increased e-waste as millions of perfectly good computers are dumped needlessly by people eager to have the latest thing.

Any visit to your local dump — or recycling centre — will see PCs and monitors piled high. Thankfully, many of these are now being recycled for components, but that’s still a stack of machinery that in all probability is still usable.

The dilemma is that our economy is now driven by businesses who need to generate demand even where none exists, and their ability to make sales where none might not be necessary means that there will always be a supply — of buyers.

At 1-fix we take pride in living up to our name. We fix machines. Not to the extent that old, creaking PCs are cruelly pressed back into action, but at least to the point where if we think a repair is your best course of action, that’s what we’ll recommend.

Consumers sometimes realise too late — after they’ve spent their money — that twiddles and upgrades of installed software often disappoint.

So we encourage our customers to call us first before investing in upgrades or new kit.

We promise to give an honest answer based on sound, professional knowledge and if your machines are perfectly sound, but need a simple repair, we’ll say so.

We’re able to undertake all sorts of desktop, laptop and server repair work either on-site or at our workshop facility in Finchampstead, near Reading and Wokingham.

If you think your system needs a repair simply call us on 0118 926 0084 or fill in our contact form on this page and we’ll arrange for one of our engineers to come and see what the problem is.

If it’s a major issue, we may need to bring it back to our workshop for repair. Otherwise, if we can fix it on-site then we will.

Our engineers carry a range of common spare parts, and are all DBS-checked for your peace of mind.

*Nottingham University research.