Fixed Price IT Support

Offering our clients a great fixed price support deal

That’s the 1-Fix approach…

How does the process work?

When we meet new you for the first time, we spend time getting to know how your business operates. This includes finding out the type of issues you may have had in the past, the level of support you feel you need, whether you need extra consultancy or have any up-coming projects that may affect the support requirements.

Once we have a full understanding of what you require, we prepare a support quotation that includes 3 levels of cover. The top level is designed to incorporate remote support, helpdesk services and on-site support visits – all within one affordable monthly cost. This means that you have a full understanding of your IT support costs for the months ahead.

Who can benefit from fixed price support?

All businesses can benefit from the fixed price approach that 1-Fix provide. If you’re running a business and value:

The ability to budget your support spending

No scary bills if disaster strikes

A pro-active support service, with a team whose sole job is to keep your IT working

What's Included?

Daily Healthcheck

Each morning, we automatically check:
  • Your nightly backup completed
  • Your anti-virus system is up to date
  • Your systems have enough free disk space
  • Your hard disk and memory health
  • If anything fails, we're alerted and we get it fixed - often before you know there's been a problem.

    Managed Antivirus

    Business grade anti-virus system, which is centrally monitored by our staff. If a machine gets a virus, we'll be alerted and can get it cleaned up quickly. If a machine has out of date virus definitions, we'll know and can check why the machine hasn't updated properly.

    Coverage of all devices

    We support all of the workstations, laptops and servers in your company. We'll also help you with mobile phones and tablets connecting to company resources. Not only that, we also cover the infrastructure around them - such as routers, network switches, software applications and your wireless network. This enables you to call us, no matter what your computer related problem is, knowing it will be covered.

    24 x 7 Monitoring

    In addition to the morning 'Daily Check', we monitor your servers and workstations on a 24 x 7 basis, meaning we get near instant alerts if crucial services fail on your server or if problems arise on your workstations. If an issue does arise, our team are notified and can respond quickly to get you back up and running.

    Performance Reports

    To keep you informed, we send you weekly reports on the health of your network and systems. These reports illustrate any issues that may have arisen during the week, and show you when they were resolved.

    Phone, Remote & On-Site Support

    All of our support plans include basic monitoring of your systems. You then have a choice of whether you need just phone & helpdesk support, or on-site coverage as well. Whatever you need, we have a package of support to suit!

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