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Healthcare: Making security and compliance a breeze

Healthcare: Making security and compliance a breeze

Like most businesses, you probably do your best to ensure you’re compliant with all industry specific and general legislation.  Healthcare has more of such legislation to deal with than most sectors which can prove a headache when you’re trying to focus on your top priority – ensuring a great experience for the people in your care.

Compliance and Security go hand in hand.  So much compliance regulation revolves around data handling and the security of the data in your care.  That’s where we come in.  With extensive experience working with clients in highly regulated sectors we can establish airtight, secure, convenient and reliable data management solutions so that you can focus on what really matters.

We employ a comprehensive approach to security, by applying the ‘5 key controls’ outlined in the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme, and the beauty of partnering with 1fix is that we do all the technical legwork for you.


The 1fix approach to IT security

IT networks are often vast and complicated which presents many points of vulnerability in terms of cyber security.  Below is a list of the key areas we focus on to ensure our clients’ networks remain secure at all times.



Access is a basic but often neglected aspect of Cyber Security.  We ensure our clients are able to manage document permissions, exercise password management controls and have mechanisms for extending and withdrawing access as an when required.  It’s important that certain information is only available to staff on a ‘need to know’ basis as sensitive information being viewed by someone without authorisation could result in a breach of privacy rights.

Additionally, employing a ‘zero trust’ approach to access, where everyone is viewed as a potential threat is the safest approach.  You trust your staff implicitly, but what if a device they’re using falls into the hands of someone less trustworthy and they are then granted full, unfettered access to the most sensitive information your business holds.


Patch Management

Cyber Criminals often look to exploit known weaknesses in software.  Fortunately,  software companies regularly release ‘patches’ which are designed to close the security loopholes that hackers identify.   Problems arise when ‘Patch management’ is not undertaken regularly, leaving gaping security holes through which Cyber Criminals can gain entry to your system.

Our managed IT services take care of patch management behind the scenes (you won’t even know it’s going on).  Thanks to our 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities giving full visibility over your IT setup we can ensure all software and operating systems undergo proper update and patch maintenance.


Malware protection

‘Malware’ is an umbrella-term for various types of software designed to inflict harm.  Different types of malware have different aims – ransomware for example aims to corrupt files in order to extort a payment from victims, whereas ‘Spyware’ acts more stealthily as it seeks to steal sensitive information from users without making itself known.  What they all have in common is that you don’t want any of it on your system.

One of the ways we stop malware in its tracks is by ensuring all endpoint devices are protected with ‘Webroot’ endpoint anti-virus protection.  We also employ other guards against malware such as email spam filtering and firewall protection.


Firewall Protection

A firewall is your network’s first line of defence against malicious traffic coming from external sources.  The firewall concept is quite simple; they block incoming data traffic from sources considered potentially dangerous according to a set of predetermined rules.

We offer cutting edge firewall protection from our partner ‘Untangle.’  Their next generation firewall takes traditional firewall protection and further enhances it with additional functionality and security safeguards such as advanced threat protection and VPN facilities.  Our firewall protection is one of the most potent defences against cyber intrusion that you can deploy.


Device Configuration

We can configure your endpoint devices so that your staff can do their jobs effectively, but have limited potential to expose your data to risk.  We use Mobile Device Management to limit the entry points for malicious traffic.


What else do we consider?

We take all necessary precautions to ensure data security and system resilience, but should disaster strike we offer the added protection of on-site and off-site backups so you can restore your IT system and get up and running again in no-time.

Email is a common entry point for Cyber criminals so we take Email security very seriously.  We can encrypt your Emails, making them unreadable to prying eyes.  We can also implement Email threat protection to ensure malicious links and attachments contained in emails aren’t able to compromise your network.

In addition to peerless security an IT partnership with 1fix will give you access to our broader expertise which covers a wide range of areas such as VoIP telephony, physical infrastructure setup and maintenance, cloud services and much more.


How do I get started?

To meet your compliance obligations you must have a strong grasp on your data and where it resides within your IT infrastructure, in addition to the safety controls in place to prevent data from being misused, stolen, lost or deleted; whether accidentally or maliciously.

In our next blog, we look at the practical best practice steps we take in helping our healthcare clients make a breeze of their compliance obligations.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to discuss how we might help you with your regulatory challenges, we’d love to chat. Please click the banner below to book a call, or contact us straight away on 0118 926 0084 or by email to info@1-fix.com.

Thank you for reading.

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